Q:- What is a scanning solution?

A:-  Sounds technical doesn’t it? It’s not! A scanning solution is just another way of saying a hardware (the scanner), plus software, either inbuilt or added on, equals a scanning solution.

Q:- Why use a dedicated document scanner?

A:- Quite simply, because a dedicated document scanner is faster, stronger, simpler and smarter than a muti-function printer.
Specifically, it’s more durable – it handles large volumes with multiple users everyday. With a specialised feeding mechanism, it handles mixed media with no paper jams. It scans duplex in one pass making it faster, and inbuilt image quality enhancement improves focus and resolution of the data for you.

Q:- Who uses them?

A:- We’re in an age of digitisation where we increasingly need to share, save and store our documents electronically. This applies to the smallest home business to the largest corporate enterprise. And the faster and more efficiently we can do this, the more time we have for the the important things in life. So many people use Document Scanners across almost every industry that they are fast becoming the most valuable piece of office technology in terms of document handling, filing, storing and sharing.

Q:- Is software included?

A:- Yes is the simple answer. There so many in-built functions that improve efficiency, security and productivity:

Double sided scanning in 1 pass = fast, quiet & very reliable.
Specialised software to automatically enhance & clean up images = improved legibility, space saving reduced file sizes and much more.
Compact size = small footprint as well as portable USB powered for scanning on the move.
Expert handling of mixed paper sizes and weights ie, delivery dockets, invoices, cheques, photo ID cards etc = increased flexibility & productivity.
High duty cycles – up to 100,000 pages/day!
Ultrasonic detection of double page feeds = ensures no pages are missed from the final scan. Pre configurable security features = confidentiality of data is preserved.

Q:- Can I get a demonstration?

A:- Of course you can! Just give us a call on 1300 885 832 or email us to arrange a time that suits in either Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide or Brisbane.

Q:- Where are you based?

A:- Total Scanning Solutions is the dedicated Document Solutions website of Alloys International. Alloys’ head office is in Melbourne but we have distribution centres and showrooms in Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane.

Q:- I’d like to become a Scanning Solutions Reseller

A:- Great! That’s what Alloys is all about. Get in touch or sign up here to become part of Alloys. We will help you your scanning product mix an give you access to a whole range of other ICT products and solutions that can grow your business and put more profit in your pocket.